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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

`Making a Buck Off Your Pet-Trick Videos'...SF Silent Film Fest

- Jessica Vascellaro of the Wall Street Journal has a piece about making money from Net video. She writes:

    The explosive growth of Internet video is allowing people not only to find an audience for their amateur productions. Now they can actually earn money from them. San Diego-based Eefoof Inc., launched just over a week ago, shares 50% of its profits from text ads and banner ads with users who upload their own online video clips. Shares are distributed based on the number of hits a particular video receives. Recently launched, operated by Aware Media Inc., shares 50% of revenue from the ads appearing on profile pages to which users can upload their own video and audio files. Users can also sell their content via download at a price they set, in which case they earn 85% of the sale. In May, Blip Networks Inc.'s Blip.TV began giving members half of the ad revenue it earns from the still-photograph and video ads that users can have placed at the end of their videos. Revver affixes an ad frame to the end of a video clip and gives the users 50% of the revenue generated when the ad is clicked on, whether the video is accessed from a Web site, shared across instant-messaging services or emailed between friends.

At the end of the piece, she mentions a webmaster in Sacramento who makes "anime-inspired video clips" and, in the past, has posted them on YouTube. But After launched earlier this month, he and his friends have decided to start working on a full-length feature.

- Enric posts to his blog about the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, which runs July 14-16 at the Castro Theatre. The complete schedule is here.