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Friday, July 14, 2006

A lengthy sample of `A Scanner Darkly'...How VFX Works with the Panavision Genesis

- The Movie Marketing Blog says that Warner Independent Pictures has made the first 24 (!) minutes of Richard Linklater's `A Scanner Darkly' available online. The movie was released July 7; today it expands from 17 screens to 190.

- Mike Curtis at HD for Indies has a few links related to how the Panavision Genesis camera integrated with VFX process for `Superman Returns.' In a piece from Film & Video, Jonathan Rothbart of The Orphanage says:

    “The interesting thing was that typically CG has more detail than film and more often than not we have to soften it for film. But with the Genesis, the detail level was so extreme, everything we did digitally was held up to scrutiny. Makeup was, too. There was so much detail that normally gets softened on film — shaving shadows, rough areas on the face — that they had to alter what they shot. For example, there were a lot of eye fixes because you could see [Brandon] Routh’s contacts. The digital Superman had to match how they altered Routh digitally.”