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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

3-D at Home...AccessIT Hits 500 Screens...Hollywood and Videogames...New `Cinesphere' Show at Universal Orlando

- Montreal-based Sensio and Universal Home Entertainment are releasing a batch of 3-D movies, including `Jaws 3-D,' `It Came from Outer Space,' and `Creature from the Black Lagoon' on DVD. The new releases are designed to take advantage of Sensio's 3D chip, which goes into devices like DVD players or digital projectors. The company is focused on bringing 3-D content to the living room.

- This release from AccessIT (aka Christie/AIX) says they've installed 534 digital cinema systems at 70 different theater sites (aka multiplexes).

- Reuters has this OK story about videogames based on films. The game version of `Cars,' from THQ, is apparently selling better than the game versions of `Finding Nemo' or `The Incredibles,' both of which raked in about $100 million. The `Da Vinci Code' game, however, ain't selling so well. It's from Take-Two Interactive, the guys who brought you `Grand Theft Auto.'

- This show at Universal Studios in Florida sounds cool. They're calling it `Universal 360 - A Cinesphere Spectacular.'

    Universal 360 is a first-ever combination of more than 100 great movies, 360-degree spherical projection, lasers, pyro effects, digital mapping technology – and four enormous spheres spread across acres of waterfront at Universal Studios Florida. The spheres, which are 30-feet tall and 36-feet wide, float in the park’s central lagoon and serve as giant outdoor projection screens. Digital mapping technology allows Universal to project supplemental images and effects on buildings surrounding the lagoon-transforming entire buildings into walls of flame. The show also features a specially developed soundtrack broadcast through more than 300 outdoor speakers.