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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sony 4K projector gets brighter

Sony Electronics showed off a brighter version of its 4K digital cinema projector yesterday at the Digital Cinema Lab in Hollywood. The one I saw last fall was 10,000 lumens, and this one is 18,000 lumens, capable of lighting up a 52-foot screen.

TechWeb's Laurie Sullivan writes:

    ...Panelists explored benefits and issues of producing "The Da Vinci Code" digitally in a question and answer session following the screening.

    Movie goers will see more movies distributed in the latest technology from Sony Pictures. In fact, Al Barton, vice president of digital cinema technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment, said the studio will release the majority of movies in digital 4K by January 2008. "We get better prints and imagery," he said. "Sony wants to pull archives off the digital intermediate, which has become the master, unless you're going to go back and redo the entire film."