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Monday, April 17, 2006

Kodak raising prices for movie film

Kodak's profit margins on the film stock it sells in Hollywood have always been high. One way the company could've helped to stave off the arrival of digital cinematography, a number of people have suggested to me, was by dropping its prices, while still earning a profit. That would've ensured that shooting on film stayed (relatively) competitive with shooting on digital videotape, and made it an easier choice for everyone to preserve the status quo.

But now Kodak is doing the opposite, raising prices on motion picture film 3 to 5 percent, because of higher costs for raw materials and transportation.

Incidentally, Kodak executives will still tell you that they can't envision a day when film is no longer used in motion picture production...


  • I've gotten so used to watching HDTV television shows at home, that when I went to the theater to see V for Vendetta, I actually got irritated for the first time by film -- the graininess was distracting. I prefer the vibrance of HD now.

    By Blogger Jim Gilliam, at 2:22 PM  

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