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Monday, March 13, 2006

Some links from SXSW

Always trying to save you shoe leather ... here are some links from the booths at the film trade show at South by Southwest that I found most interesting ... mostly related to new distribution avenues, and new communities for film lovers:

- Spout- tagging films based on their content, and creating groups of people who can swap film recommendations

- IFC Media Lab

- Film Baby - sister company to CD Baby (they sell physical DVDs, but are also planning to do digital distribution through Google Video, and eventually, iTunes - though Apple isn't being all that cooperative)

- EyeSpot - enabling people to edit video online...either their own, or for instance editing a music video of a band whose music they like

- IndiePix

- Current - little-seen cable network that's here canvassing for content

- CustomFlix - CD duplication and distribution on demand, owned by Amazon (so films get visibility on


  • Another great resource for filmmakers is Filmbay the Global Independent Film Community and Shop.


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