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Saturday, March 18, 2006

`Snakes on a Plane': The songwriting contest

So New Line Cinema has decided to play dice with the Internet...

`Snakes on a Plane' is the Samuel L. Jackson movie that started generating Internet buzz following this blog entry by Josh Friedman, who was asked to do some script doctoring on it last August.

The Internet could turn `Snakes' into the must-see movie of this summer (it's coming out in August), or the latest in a line of storied flops (I'm thinking `Ishtar,' `Gigli,' `Crossroads.') To be a hit, and benefit from all that Web word-of-mouth, I think the movie needs to be a campy 1970s disaster movie throwback that doesn't realize for a second that it's campy. What if `Snakes' is actually a good thriller? Well, I don't think it'll do as well, but we'll see.

Now, New Line Cinema has decided to try to intentionally (rather than accidentally) use the Net to promote `Snakes,' launching a songwriting contest. If you win, your music will be in the movie.

There's also a clip from the film available. Some of the snakes look pretty bad. Maybe they're just rubber stand-ins for the CG reptiles who'll be in the release?


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