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Friday, March 03, 2006

A round-up: Panavision, Clickstar, Camera operators, and Apple

Just back from a quick trip to LA to do a bunch of interviews. Some tidbits from my conversations... and a few story links...

- Stopped by Panavision yesterday. They have about 35 Genesis digital cameras in circulation today, and say there's incredible demand for them - they could use about 100. Right now, they're being used on Mel Gibson's `Apocalypto,' shooting in Mexico, the new James Bond pic (which is also using a film camera), and John Boorman's `A Tiger's Tale,' which sounds like it starts shooting soon in Ireland. Shooting just wrapped on `Scary Movie 4,' which used a Genesis. Yesterday, Dean Devlin had a screening of `Flyboys' at Panavision. His WWI aviation-and-young-romance flick was one of the first projects shot with Genesis, in the UK.

- Had a chance to visit the set of the Morgan Freeman-Paz Vega picture `10 Items or Less.' That's the comedy that'll be distributed online by Clickstar, a joint venture between the production company that Freeman and Lori McCreary run, and Intel. McCreary says she expects a theatrical release later this year, followed two or so weeks later by an online version that can be purchased or rented.

- Camera operators in Hollywood are worried about a new contract that would allow directors of photography to operate cameras, instead of camera operators, who traditionally do it. Richard Verrier writes:

    The controversy has its roots in a grievance Local 600 filed last year against Warner Bros.

    Warner had asked the union to allow Steven Soderbergh to act as both DP and camera operator during the filming of "Ocean's Twelve."

    Local 600 refused, citing staffing requirements, but Soderbergh, for creative reasons, took on both roles anyway.

    The union then filed a grievance against Warner Bros., saying it failed to obtain a waiver. The studio later paid $17,000 to settle the matter.

- AppleInsider says that Apple may be developing a movie download service that'd make available a library of new and older movies for a monthly subscription fee. Users would also have the option of buying titles individually. (Courtesy of The Movie Blog.) CNN Money had earlier guessed that Jobs might have movies up his sleeve at this week's new product unveiling, which took place on Tuesday.


  • So what's the deal with the Genesis camera? How is it different than other digital cameras?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 2:55 AM  

  • The Genesis Camera record to HD SR tape which is the highest quality tape format available. It has a higher lumanance range than other HD cameras which means the whites don't blow out as quickly as normal HD cameras.

    The Genesis Camera's main competitors are: The Arriflex D20 and the Dalsa Origin. The Origin isn't as ergonomically feasible (it's huge).

    There are companies like and who are hoping to compete in this market, but nothing functional has been shown from them yet.

    By Blogger The Unknown Filmmaker, at 3:59 PM  

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