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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A report from multiplex-land

'Twas a banner day at the Showcase Cinemas in Berlin, Connecticut today...due no doubt to holiday cabin fever and drenching rain.

The main thing I noticed: where are all the G-rated films this time of year?

We had my 3-year old nephew and 7-year old niece with us. The most appropriate flick seemed to be 'Narnia.' (Even that PG film seemed like it'd probably be too intense for the three-year old.)

That was sold out. So we wound up buying tickets for `Cheaper by the Dozen 2.' (Don't look for any Oscar noms there.) The theater was 95 percent full.

I snuck into `King Kong' for a few minutes, and saw a Mom dragging her two young sons (about 9 or 10 years old) out of the theatre, complaining that it was `too gross.' This was after the Kong/dino battle, and the sequence with Adrian Brody and the sea cucumbers.

So, studio chiefs, is there really no market for G-rated films during the holiday break?