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Monday, October 03, 2005

Q&A on all things digital with Robert Rodriguez

Digital Producer has a great Q&A with director Robert Rodriguez. ( I found it via DVGuru.) The juiciest quote from Debra Kaufman's conversation with Rodriguez: is immediate. We can move really fast. I liken it to moving at the speed of thought. As an artist, painter, you just grab the paint and put it on the canvas. Traditional filmmaking seemed like the exact opposite: it takes so long to do anything, you lose your groove. I’ve been trying to turn filmmaking more into the immediacy of playing music or drawing. The actors love it. While I’m still shooting, the guys upstairs [in Troublemaker Studios] can composite a shot and come down and show us how it looks. It’s like real-time jazz.

And toward the end:

    People ask if I would go back to shooting film. I say, “I’m driving a Ferrari — why would I go back to a horse and buggy?” Artists are usually technology-averse, although there are some who are pioneers, cutting-edge people. The movie industry is still shooting film, but everyone else is shooting digital. The directors are interested in learning digital, but cinematographers don’t want to learn a new craft. Editors used to say that about the Avid. Now you put a gun to their head and they won’t go back to editing film.


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