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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Apple's video iPod: Is Oct. 12 the day?

The Associated Press has this story today suggesting that Apple might be unveiling a version of the iPod capable of playing videos.

Duncan Martell writes:

    While [Apple CEO Steve] Jobs has publicly downplayed the notion of a video iPod, saying that most people don't want to watch videos when they're on the move, many in the industry have been expecting such a product for some time.

    "It would be a very Jobsian move to say it's stupid and bring one out anyway," [Endpoint Technology Associates analyst Roger] Kay said, referring to an iPod that plays video.

AppleInsider also has a post - referenced in the AP piece - that Apple may sell music videos and other short video content via its iTunes Music Store. There's also another device that would work with the video iPod to wirelessly transmit video to a TV set. That's cool.


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