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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yet another experiment with release windows

Martin Scorcese's new four-hour documentary on Bob Dylan will get a theatrical release in 30 cities later this month, as well asfull DVD distribution, in the week leading up to its September 26 premiere on PBS, reports Indiwire. (Cinematical also has an item.)

One interesting aspect: the theatrical screenings of "No Direction Home: Bob Dylan" will be free, arranged by Emerging Pictures. (The Web site only lists 22 venues - most of them art houses or non-traditional theaters, like the University of Miami's Cosford Cinema or the Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire.)

My guess is that there will be only one showing (or perhaps one day of showings) in each city, to get buzz going and whet Dylan fans' appetites for either buying the DVD or watching the doc on television. The Emerging Pictures site describes the showings as "invitation only."

The trailer is here.


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