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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The problem with 3-D: Not enough dimensions

Hollywood often looks to the Slovenian tech industry for new trends... and once again, Slovenia delivers: 6-D cinema.

X6D is a joint venture between Ljublijana-based Kolosej, Edwards Technologies in California, and Cinema Park Network in Turkey.

From the release:

    "The seats feature dual motion capacity, built-in special effects - such as a scent system, ticklers, wind and rain - and a cordless interactive control. The latter allows each viewer to influence the course of the film and take part in a range of interactive games.

    Also featured are a state of the art lighting system programmed individually for each show, a multi-channel sound system, and a combination of digitally controlled cranes which permits the reformation of the theatre as part of the experience."

By the end of this year, they promise to open the first X6D locations in Europe; the goal is to have ten open by the end of 2006.


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