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Thursday, September 08, 2005

New movie on 'The Art of Motion Picture Editing'

The documentary "Edge The Art of Motion Picture Editing" got a very favorable review in the New York Times today.

The Times says that "Edge" is "full of intellectual provocation. It performs a rare and valuable critical service, which is to connect nuts and bolts (or rather celluloid, scissors and glue, along with their digital equivalents) with big ideas about time, technology and the workings of the human mind. By now, no one can doubt that movies have influenced our way of perceiving the world, and this film helps to show just how they have done it." (The reviewer, A.O. Scott, also wonders why the filmmakers have appended a clunky dot-com to the end of the title; I suspect it's simply to promote their Web site.)

The doc is currently playing a short engagement at the Pioneer Theater in Manhattan. But the filmmakers are also selling the movie on DVD and VHS via their own Web site for $30, and also offering a $15 Internet download of the whole 75-minute film.

There's also a juicy five-minute Quicktime clip from the film in which several editors and directors talk about the impact of non-linear digital editing on their profession.

Associated with the September 13th showing of the film in NY is a Q&A with two editors, Andrew Mondshein (who edited "The Sixth Sense") and Christopher Tellefsen (who edited "Kids" and "Gummo"). Why not go?


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