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Thursday, July 07, 2005

More on the Intel/Morgan Freeman deal

In today's NY Times piece, Morgan Freeman says:

"I live in Mississippi in a very small town. In order for me to see a first-run movie, I have to drive a couple of hours at a high rate of speed. For me, and many consumers like me, this will be a godsend. I will be able to get premium content safely and cheaply."

(And no one wants to force Morgan `Driving Miss Daisy' Freeman to exceed the speed limit.)

What this article doesn't talk about is how the new venture, ClickStar, will deal with the resistance of theater-owners to having movies they're showing also available for download on the Internet. So far, it seems like they will simply refuse to show such movies. Which makes you wonder: do ClickStar's founders have some secret strategy to avoid that problem? Or are they going to be producing original, download-only films?

Web site is at But not much detail there.

I'm staying tuned...


  • Personally, I think the potential for ultra low budget feature film content is huge. While I worked a couple years as a pre-programmer at SF Intl Film Festival, I screened lots and lots of decent low low micro non-existent budget features by nobodys. A lot were horrible, but a significant amount were very very good...but will never see the light of day...There's A LOT of un-viewed features out there.

    By Blogger Misha Anissimov, at 12:24 PM  

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