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Sunday, May 01, 2005

A strategic shift for Lucasfilm

The NY Times today asks Is There Life After 'Star Wars' For Lucasfilm?

And the answer is, yes, obviously - but movies won't be at the center of things. Life beyond 'Revenge of the Sith' involves producing more television programming and videogames (not to mention running two of the industry's top special effects and sound production houses).

Two impressions from the piece:

- It's great to be a privately-held company, like Lucasfilm, that doesn't have to answer to Wall Street like other studios. Who else could make this sort of strategic shift away from producing films (at least temporarily)?

- Don't take the name of Lucasfilm's big new campus at the Presidio lightly. It's called the Letterman Digital Arts Center. This is a company that intends to be all digital, all the time. And that'll enable them to operate with more flexibility, lower costs, and much more speed than competitors. (The name, incidentally, has nothing to do with David Letterman; the 23-acre site was once known as the Letterman Army Medical Center.)


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