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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stats on Net video...and a new video-sharing site that pays producers

- Mary Hodder of Dabble has a blog post that serves as a report on the "state of Internet video," circa June 2006. Most interesting to me are these stats she cites from Hitwise, from May 2006:

Top ten video sites by market share/traffic

1. YouTube 42.94%
2. MySpace Videos 24.22%
3. Yahoo! Video Search 9.58%
4. MSN Video Search 9.21%
5. Google Video Search 6.48%
6. AOL Video 4.28%
7. iFilm 2.28%
8. Grouper 0.69%
9. Daily Motion 0.22%
10. vSocial 0.09%

- reports on a new video-sharing site with the unfortunate name Greg Sandoval writes:

    Eefoof's offer goes like this: Once a month the company tallies the number of page views for each submission. The company then looks at overall traffic and calculates what percentage of the page views was generated by each submission. Ad revenue is divided accordingly.

    "Once your account exceeds $25, we will send you a PayPal transfer," the company wrote on its site. Specific percentages weren't dislosed on the Eefoof Web site.


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