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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pirates of the Pacific Rim

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan are teaming up in a new anti-piracy ad that starts airing in China this week, write San Francisco Chronicle columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross. It coincides with the Governator's current trade mission to China. They write:

    It's estimated that pirating costs U.S. companies hundreds of millions annually in lost revenue, and it's a top priority for some of the heavy hitters who make up Schwarzenegger's traveling delegation -- including executives of Fox, Universal Studios and Disney.

    The ad, which looks like a clip from a movie, features the two actors clad in black leather and about to take on some menacing pirates.

    The duo urges viewers to look for genuine quality goods -- and warn of the health danger from phony medicines.

The spot was directed by Jonathan Mostow, who also helmed `Terminator 3.'