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Monday, July 23, 2007

Studios Court Mr. Skin

- I found this story in today's NY Times fascinating: studios actually send screeners of new movies to the Web site, to promote new releases that have nudity in them. From the story:

    “The movie companies aren’t stupid,” [CEO Jim] McBride said. “I’m a guest on radio shows at least 300 times a year as the expert on celebrity nudity in film. If I’m on the radio talking about a movie like ‘Ask the Dust,’ and telling guys, ‘You’ve got to check it out: Salma Hayek has a full-frontal at the 33-minute mark,’ it’s going to make guys want to rent or buy the movie.”

    More than 75 movie companies — including Universal, Fox, Paramount and Lionsgate — regularly send advance DVDs to Mr. McBride’s company. And his subscribers buy hundreds of DVDs every day, said Brian Sokel, director of marketing at, which sells DVDs on the site. (He declined to provide precise figures.)

    Mr. Sokel finds nothing untoward about selling a film solely on nudity.

    “That’s why filmmakers and Hollywood put sex scenes in movies — because it sells,” Mr. Sokel said. “People have a problem with raw or open sexuality, but for our company and for Mr. Skin, it doesn’t have to be a demonized concept. This is normal; you’re not a freak for wanting to see a Hollywood star in a film be naked.”

I wonder if the actresses in those scenes find this kind of niche marketing a little unseemly...

- The Times also has a piece about a new area on The Daily Reel that's intended to be a place for content creators and companies that need content to mingle.

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